Motia An amazingly sweet and perfectly subtly mentholated snuff. This is what I love about most of the six photo snuffs. Their menthol level is adequate and do not have the menthol rebound for me. Clears the nose well. A good one for the collection and Ill add this on my next list for sure.


Cheetah Beginners beware! This is the king of this list and rightly called the cheetah. Its smooth, but its kicks you with its fine milled tobacco and then fills you with nicotine. I will definitely use more on my journey but will keep it to 2-4 times a day only (as of now) as an in between for now so I don’t develop a tolerance


Super Chetak Super fine ground, strong, extremely smooth light brown colored snuff. Amazing scents, but fades away a little too soon for me. Good amount of nicotine, though not as much as the Cheeta. Not a recommended start for beginners, unless you know how much to take and how to take it. You might need to use the techniques described by the experts (I did), and youll be just fine and enjoy this a lot. I think this will eventually become my all day snuff

Customer’s Feedbackregular customer

I don’t have words to describe how different and good this is. An extremely beginner friendly snuff with a decent amount of nicotine. If you like sweet, cool, herby and aromatic, then this is the best in that department. Its got the best drip, which is actually tasty. I’m on my way to get some more. A must try is all I will say. You will regret ordering small quantities. Another contender for an all day snuff since the drip is very aromatic and tasteful. I am going to reorder good quantity of this soon.


Anarkali Snuff, there is no better way to describe this other than its black magic. It’s sweet, easy to take and lasts a long time in the nose. The rose scent is the way it should be – subtle and natural. I do sense menthol (maybe I’m wrong), but its the right amount and this doesn’t block me up. Not a bad drip either. I can make this my all day.

Amit Mehra