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Afghan White Snuff


A new entrant to the super exclusive club of exotic Indian white nasal snuffs. It is a dry earthy tasting
white snuff with one hell of a nicotine punch.

Anarkali (Black Snuff)


A rose flavoured medium ground black snuff which is especially popular in warmer climes. A whiff of this potent mixture is enough to evoke memories of India’s Royal Mughal Past.

Begum Chhap Punjabi Tapkir


A red colored snuff with a rich aroma of attar of roses and keora blended with the best sun-cured tobacco sourced from the tobacco rich fields of Gujarat. This type of snuff is popular as a dentifrice among the tribal population of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Cheeta White Snuff


This exotic beast is made up of dry, finely ground, best sun cured rustica tobacco with no added flavours or menthol.

Indiastar M.G. Madras snuff


Staying true to the age old tradition of Madras snuff industry this snuff is prepared by ghee roasting the special blend of strong south Indian Burley and Latakia tobaccos.

Kailash Snuff (Black Snuff)


A black, finely ground snuff with a musky aroma. It is a popular decongestant and also one of our most popular products with a loyal worldwide clientele.

Motia (Black Snuff)


This is a black, finely ground snuff. It has a distinct tobacco flavor with overtones of camphor. It is an effective decongestant, popular with the discerning consumer.

Natural Snuff (LA GOLDEN SNUFF)


This is a snuff made for the lovers of good, honest plain snuff, great tobacco flavour, smooth mill and a pleasant sour/spice note in the background. A snuff for all day use.

Special Snuff (Black Snuff)


A black coloured coarsely ground snuff mixture, it’s rich woody aroma carrying undertones of eucalyptus and menthol is just the thing to spice up a cold winter morning!

Super Chetak Snuff (Yellow Snuff)


A premium export quality snuff, it is a blend of pale sun ripened tobacco which is balanced with a mild mixture of perfume and menthol. A dry finely ground mixture, it is also suitable for oral use.

Super Kailash Golden snuff


This finely ground golden coloured snuff is a mixture of the very best sun cured Rustica tobacco along with a tasty blend of aromatic Himalayan Herbs. This premium brand is especially popular with the connoisseurs of elegant and exotic snuff.