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Coffee Kick


A strong coffee flavour with a delicious mix of menthol. Sure to awake you from your slumber. A perfect start for a good morning.

French Riviera


This snuff is our tribute to the stunning landscape and iconic riverside of South France. It would not be amiss to mention here that the flavouring for this snuff uses only authentic french perfumes.

Green Dragon


An age old recipe discovered from the archives. A rare green color snuff with a minty flavour.

Indian Curry


Discover the unique flavour of India with this exotic spicy snuff with a traditional tobacco base.

Medicated No. 6 Snuff


This snuff uses a variety of rare Indian herbs and essential oils like sandalwood oil known for their medicinal properties. All in al a premium quality product.

Mysore Sandalwood


This is a limited edition Snuff. It is hand-crafted in small batches to ensure an even and pure aroma. Pure natural sandalwood essential oil sourced from the jungles of Mysuru region of Karnataka is added to an exclusive snuff powder blend to create this masterpiece.