Afghan White Snuff


(6 customer reviews)

A new entrant to the super exclusive club of exotic Indian white nasal snuffs. It is a dry earthy tasting
white snuff with one hell of a nicotine punch.

Category – Non-Mentholated

Ease of Snuffing – No flavour

Flavour – Hard

Moisture – Dry

Nicotine Level – High


6 reviews for Afghan White Snuff

  1. Nikolaos

    Many likes!

  2. Jayb403

    Love it , not to spicy , smooth with a good Nicotine kick . Best of all , no menthol .

  3. Narayan Mahato (verified owner)

    Wow! After hearing so much about it, I ordered the Afghan snuff. And, it was worth it. I took a just a small pinch from the tin and feeling was awesome. It gave a great kick and yet very relaxing and smooth. It is a great way to start the day.
    Keep up the good work @sixphotosnuff.

  4. Mahmood Ali Khan (verified owner)

    Oh Ya AFGHAN WHITE SNUFF hard with high nicotine punch, no menthol, its raw punch of nicotine.
    This one is not for beginners.
    if you are snuffing this one then make sure you are drinking plenty of water because nicotine is water soluble and be hidrated all time.

  5. Contagious intoxicant (verified owner)

    Mardowala snuff,,very strong ,,and no taste ,,best for the busy days

  6. KB

    One of the best white tobaccos, has almost no sent, no ammonia smell, just natural tobacco. Not sure where the Afghan story came from being this is made in India but it seems to justify a higher price point.

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