Motia (Black Snuff)


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This is a black, finely ground snuff. It has a distinct tobacco flavor with overtones of camphor. It is an effective decongestant, popular with the discerning consumer.

Category – Lightly Mentholated

Flavor – Fluoral

Ease of Snuffing – Easy

Moisture – Medium Moist

Nicotine Level – Medium

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1 review for Motia (Black Snuff)

  1. Michael

    Motia unblocks my nose and de-congests my sinuses when I have a cold like no other snuff. The aroma is a very strong, natural woody Camphor scent followed by a gentle blast of menthol and a faint background scent of something floral like Jasmine. The snuff is generally easy to take and nicotine is very reasonable.

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