Motia (Black Snuff)


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This is a black, finely ground snuff. It has a distinct tobacco flavor with overtones of camphor. It is an effective decongestant, popular with the discerning consumer.

Category – Lightly Mentholated

Flavor – Fluoral

Ease of Snuffing – Easy

Moisture – Medium Moist

Nicotine Level – Medium

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4 reviews for Motia (Black Snuff)

  1. Michael

    Motia unblocks my nose and de-congests my sinuses when I have a cold like no other snuff. The aroma is a very strong, natural woody Camphor scent followed by a gentle blast of menthol and a faint background scent of something floral like Jasmine. The snuff is generally easy to take and nicotine is very reasonable.

  2. Subramani Lakshmanan (verified owner)

    Amazing snuff. Very good aroma. With camphor and slight menthol and good burn and the aroma in the nose stays for quite a while. I am in love with this snuff. Thank you Six Photo for this snuff.

  3. Alfredo

    Love motia. I don’t think that is strong but the camphor maintains a long lasting effect. The Jazmine aroma is delicious. Always in my rotation.

  4. Diwas

    I love this

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