Special Snuff (Black Snuff)


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A black colored coarsely ground snuff mixture, it’s rich woody aroma carrying undertones of eucalyptus and menthol is just the thing to spice up a cold winter morning!

Category – Lightly Mentholated

Flavor – Musky

Ease of Snuffing – Easy

Moisture – Medium Moist

Nicotine Level – Medium

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16 reviews for Special Snuff (Black Snuff)

  1. Savita

    I want to purchase kindly suggest

  2. Bivash Roy

    I’m from Jaipur and I want purchase one 45g snuff one box



  4. Sulochana Pareek

    First time online

  5. Vishal sungh

    Six photo

  6. Sulochana

    I like this product

  7. Justin Reynolds

    Fantastic scent, I love this snuff. It has a very beautiful Mint flavor, not quite menthol, with nice woody undertones, And a beautiful herbal backnote, Something for everyone here!

  8. Narayan Mahato

    It’s good one. The scent linger for very long time in the nose. It is easy to take. But, sometime creates drip due to moisture level. If moisture level is reduced 5-10% then it will not create any drip.

  9. Mahmood Ali Khan (verified owner)

    I like this one. its good one with nice refreshing aroma.

  10. Mark

    Nice products

  11. Aloka Singh


  12. Aloka Singh


  13. Pawanjit singh Chaudhary (verified owner)

    It’s a great p

  14. Pawanjit singh Chaudhary (verified owner)

    It’s a great product

  15. contagious intoxicant (verified owner)

    The cold lonely midnight ,,
    tranquil and soft

  16. Amol

    Good product

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