Afghan Black Snuff


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A high nicotine moist snuff without any added flavours. Not a snuff for the faint hearted.

Category – Non – Mentholated

Flavor – No Flavor

Ease of Snuffing – Oral Use

Moisture – Highly Moist

Nicotine Level – High

Additional information

Weight 50 g

2 reviews for Afghan Black Snuff

  1. Matthew P. Bailey

    As a user of nasal snuff and American chewing tobacco, I find this stuff interesting. The flavor reminds me of end of summer here when we harvest straw, with notes of floral and grains. Easy to use and powerful kick. I enjoy naswar much now.

  2. Jayb403

    If you’re a fan of makla type snus this is great stuff , powerful nicotine kick and not to hard on the gums and lip . There’s not much of a flavour but i personally like that . I also like that it doesn’t make you spit as much as American type snus (chewing tobacco).

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