Fire and Ice


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Fiery sun cured tobacco & ice cool menthol crystals topped with a sweet flavor for a perfect nicotine experience.

Category – Lightly Mentholated

Flavor – Sweet

Ease of Snuffing – Oral Use

Moisture – Moist

Nicotine Level – High

Additional information

Weight 50 g

2 reviews for Fire and Ice

  1. David W Smith

    Its definitely not an american style dip. That’s being said it does contain higher level of nicotine. At first glance it looks to be the consistancy of dirt. Once place inside your lip you will feel a buzz almost like it was the first time you’ve used tobacco. The burn is pretty intense. Got 2 cans and they will definitely last me a while because it dont take much!

  2. Ahsan Khan (verified owner)

    It’s very strong and has an amazing smell and flavour. Definitely recommended to try atleast once.

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