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Assuming you imagine that smoking cigarette isn’t solid yet snuff is protected, reconsider. Snuff is a tobacco item. Like cigarettes, it contains unsafe synthetic substances that can raise your danger of numerous medical issues. Notwithstanding, the openness level to these synthetics is lower than that of smoked tobacco items. Like other snuff tobacco items like…

About us

Six Photo Snuff

Six Photo Snuff is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of nasal snuff in India.

Six Photo Snuff is about  90 years old snuff company with the most modern snuff-manufacturing unit in India. The brand Six Photo was established in the year 1927. The company is headed by  Mr Vikas Grover, managing  partner of M/s. Lachhman Dass Amar Nath (A.V.), Giddarbaha . We manufacture, market, and sell a comprehensive range of quality snuff products worldwide.

six photo snuff has a strong market presence in india abroad

Six Photo Snuff has a strong market presence in India & abroad

The company headquarter is located in Giddarbaha, a small town of Punjab famous for snuff business. Equipped with latest production technologies & gigantic warehouse capacity makes company one of the largest snuff manufacturer in India.

Six Photo Snuff has a strong market presence in India & abroad and has introduced a wide range of quality snuff products to satisfy the market requirements through a world wide network of dealers & distributors. Apart from improving quality standard of regular products company’s research & development center constantly engage in developing new line of products to meet modern & international standard snuff product demands.

sixphotosnuff has a strong market presence in india abroad

Six Photo Snuff Team

With the advantage of modern communication and data processing tools, telecom connectivity, along with expert service back up we are able to ensure that our customers are supplied with the finest quality products. It is the satisfaction of our customers that inspires us to greater levels of perfection.

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Snuffing VS Smoking

Everyday I’m SNUFFing, no more sore throat or lungs that are struggling…

Smoke free tobacco doesn’t contain the harmful condensate that is produced by smoking. It’s the perfect stimulant for athletes and is scientifically proven by the WHO to be non-carcinogenic and is the perfect substitute for Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, Vapes and Juuls.